About Us

Surya Narayan Seva Outreach Sang was founded to provide medical, social, economic and educational assistance to people in need around the world.  Service will be provided to the underserved through love and compassion in our actions.  The values and morals thought to us by our religion Sanatan Dharma will be our guiding light as we move forward to help the needy and less fortunate
Thank you for your generous gift of life during the 2011 Blood Drive
Sunday, 16 October 2011 01:23

SN SOS would like to thank the following people for voluntering to donate blood during the 2011 Blood Drive.  If you donated blood and your name is not on this list, please contact us so that we can add your name.

First Name Last Name
Alad Baccltey
Amanda Autar
Amar Persaud
Anand Hardowar
Anthony Kemper
Chaitrani Persaud
Debbie Sukhna
Deomatie Persaud
Devin Hansraj
Dhanyanand Etwaru
Dharmdeo Phadumdeo
Doob Narayan
Kamla Bassadeo
Kamla Hossain
Keerandai Hardowar
Khimrajie Basdeo
Kumar Pasram
Lokhnauth Pasram
Mahindra Bisram
Malcolm Harripaul
Nadia Rodriguez
Nadira Persaud
Nandanie Motilall
Narash Ram
Pascal Babmatee
Pascal Singh
Radika Narayan
Raj Maraj
Rajendra Lall
Rajin Persaud
Ravi Parbudial
Rose Mukraj
Roshan Shiwcharran
S. Ramlagan (Hardowar)
Sandra Singh
Sanjay Ramkissoon
Sarika Persaud
Sati Gurdial
Shankar Ramkissoon
Shantie Sammy
Sharda Budhu
Sharmila Bisram
Shianand Persaud
Subhagie (Pearlie)
Trinauth Maniram
Varsha Persaud
Venoid Kublall
Vikram Ramnarine
Vishal Hardowar
Yadumehdam Prashad